Christmas frame with Lindy's products! (english)

Hello crafty friends! 
I want to share my Christmas project for Lindy's Stamp Gang with you today.
 I'm going to show you how I create a Christmas frame perfect for a gift
with Lindy’s sprays using Starburst and Flat Fabio together.
Sound great!
I created this beautiful frame by sticking to it a lot of embellishments,
then kind of painting it with SPRAYS. How easy and fun that sounds!
To add a little extra spark to my frame, I use the gold Pico Embellisher. 
Make sure to not forget the sides of the frame by ''painting'' them too!
The texture looks amazing! You really can add anything you want to the frame.
The products you'll need for this project:
Here's the little video showing how you can make this.  You can watch it below or

*video's link here*
Thank you and I hope you liked it!

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