Deux projets très différents! Avec Scrap FX (english only)

Hi crafty friends!
Today, I show you two completely different projects.
By two completely different projects, I mean, one scrapbook layout in a box-frame
and one altered object!
Why that? because I was inspire haha. Simple as that...
And because all Scrap FX products are that amazing,
you can do anything with them!

Here's my creation that I have placed in a box-frame (for a gift):

capture-decran-2016-09-16-a-13-06-55 capture-decran-2016-09-16-a-13-07-06 capture-decran-2016-09-16-a-13-07-14 capture-decran-2016-09-16-a-13-07-23

For this wonderful creation, here's the FX products that I've used:



( also available in LARGE )

Did I say I was showing you two projects today? YES! haha

The second one is an altered object. A mug for your pencils/brushes:

capture-decran-2016-09-16-a-16-19-12 capture-decran-2016-09-16-a-16-18-03 capture-decran-2016-09-16-a-16-18-43 capture-decran-2016-09-16-a-16-19-32 capture-decran-2016-09-16-a-16-19-21 capture-decran-2016-09-16-a-16-18-13 capture-decran-2016-09-16-a-16-18-23 capture-decran-2016-09-16-a-16-18-52 capture-decran-2016-09-16-a-16-19-03 capture-decran-2016-09-16-a-16-18-33
capture-decran-2016-09-16-a-16-21-09 capture-decran-2016-09-16-a-16-21-43 capture-decran-2016-09-16-a-16-22-18

For this other creation, here's the FX products that I've used:


Thank you for the visit today!

Kareen framed

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